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perThe success of Per Wickstrom as founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation should be enough evidence for anyone seeking validation that rehabilitation works.  The Per Wickstom life story had set the stepping stones for the success he has gained today. Having overcome his own struggle with various drugs over a ten-year period, Per Wickstrom graduated from rehab and decided he wanted to help others enjoy the same life-affirming success.  His dedication and perseverance in opening a rehabilitation facility has resulted in lasting recovery for thousands of clients. Per Wickstrom wants to motivate others to follow his path to recovery by joining a rehabilitation center.

Per Wickstrom’s Goals

One goal Mr. Wickstrom believed in was to provide a natural approach to treatment that would serve as a solid foundation for clients to build on after leaving his treatment facility.  To accomplish this goal, he developed a program to include protocols for addressing emotional, behavioral, spiritual and physical aspects of addiction.  In this way, the client benefits not only from overcoming the physical dependence, they also develop strong coping techniques, strategies for avoiding temptation, and new ways of approaching life in general. This is why joining his rehabilitation center specifically is a great opportunity in order to change your life around and live drug free.

The Key to Per Wickstrom Success

When asked about his success and how he achieved it, Per Wickstrom explains that developing a purpose and then setting goals to accomplish that purpose is the key to success.  He chose saving lives as his purpose, and chose to open a rehabilitation facility as the means for accomplishing this goal.  Today,  many recovering addicts are grateful that he opened Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee, Michigan and some of these former clients have been happy to share their success stories as further confirmation of the positive effects of Mr. Wickstrom’s dedication and hard work.

Per Wickstrom’s Core Values

It is said that a person’s conduct is a result of their core values.  If this is true, then Per Wickstrom has undeniably demonstrated that his core values are impeccable as he continues to rescue many more addicts from the despair of addiction.

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