Do You Know the Biggest Drug Problems in America?

Drug problems can manifest in many different forms, and it’s apparent that America has one of the worst drug problems in the world. Today, prescription painkillers have destroyed and ended more lives than disease and automobile accidents combined and the destruction continues when painkiller addicts switch to heroin because it’s cheaper and more easily obtained.

When asked to picture a heroin addict, the average person might imagine a homeless individual sitting under a bridge with a needle stuck in his or her arm. They might also imagine this same individual stealing and robbing people to feed their addiction.

When heroin was first introduced in the United States, this imaginary story may have had some truth to it. The reality is that today’s drug user is not nearly as indistinguishable from the rest of the population. In fact, many of the individuals with the worst and most expensive addictions are lawyers, engineers and even doctors.

Whether Legal or Illegal, Addiction is Addiction

There is really no easy way to say it. The biggest drug problem in America isn’t the illicit drugs that you’re used to hearing about. It’s not meth, cocaine or ecstasy. Prescription painkillers are still killing more Americans than cocaine and heroin combined. If you guessed that prescription medications were the second most abused drugs in America, then you’re correct.

While it would be foolish to say that these illicit drugs don’t contribute to the problem, they’re really not the biggest drug issue in America. Lately, the problem of heroin abuse has been discussed frequently in the media.

Second only to marijuana, prescription pills have become America’s public enemy number one. Although heroin produces virtually identical effects to many prescription painkillers, the number of people who abuse prescription medications is much larger than the number of individuals who abuse heroin.

America’s Real Enemy

The driving force behind the growing issue of heroin abuse is prescription drugs. According to recent studies, 80 percent of individuals who started using heroin had taken painkillers before they experimented with heroin. There is a very clear link between receiving painkillers legally and going on to start using heroin.

It’s true that heroin use is very dangerous. This is especially true because heroin users can’t possibly know how pure the heroin is. It’s also particularly dangerous because drug dealers are known to cut heroin with all sorts of harmful additives.

An End to the Doom and Gloom

Statistics for painkiller addiction treatment reveal a growing trend. When you consider the data, prescription painkillers are currently America’s leading drug problem, and they’re contributing tremendously to the growth of heroin users. However, it’s not all doom and gloom.

The good news is that both heroin and painkiller addictions are treatable. One of the top treatment solutions is inpatient care. Many individuals prefer this form of treatment because it offers the healthy nutrition, structure and effectiveness that many other treatment options lack. Some of the benefits of inpatient care are 24 hour support, healthy food and constant access to caring professionals.  Inpatient treatment is evidence-based treatment that prodvides lasting results for someone who wishes to to overcome their drug problems.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Know the Biggest Drug Problems in America?

  1. Very nice blog, I think this is very useful and interesting, I didn’t know anything about this data. It’s incredible how people are killing themselves with prescript medications like painkillers. Great article!!!

  2. I did not know what a big problem prescription painkillers is in the US today. I had no idea until happening upon this site. I would have figured heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine would be the biggest problems. Thanks for this education about prescription drugs. I know I will certainly be more cognizant of these facts in the future.

  3. Great and informative article. Having moved to the USA from Europe, it is SHOCKING to see how much drugs people use and how much it is part of everyday life. Have a little headache? Sore muscles after exercising? Tired? Stressed? Sleepless? Afraid to speak in front of a crowd? Boyfriend troubles? Pop a few pills like they are M&M’s, and it will all be fine! Where I come from, we take a walk, have a massage, drink a glass of milk, have a good conversation with friends, spend an hour in the hot tub – these are solutions for pain and stress and anxiety, not taking drugs.
    I realized something must be terribly wrong when I was told by the beautician to take a painkiller before my waxing appointment… Really??? A few seconds of pain is too much to take these days? They also send you home for minor surgeries with a truckload of painkillers. Totally unnecessary!
    And people here give it to their kids, thinking it must be safe if the doctor prescribed it!!! I wish they would wake up and see what they are doing!

  4. We need to spread awareness about the dangers of prescription drugs. People think they’re less harmful just because they’re not illegal.

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