Should Addicts Consider Working Multiple Jobs After Rehab?

They say that idle hands are the devil’s workshop, so it should follow that being busy would be better.  Being busy with work that pays sounds even better!  But then, there is such a thing as too busy, when work keeps you burning the candle at both ends and you feel that you have no time for anything else.

Still, working multiple jobs after rehab is something to seriously consider.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 8 million Americans work multiple jobs.   Reasons vary, but some possibilities include:

  • Making ends meet—the most common reason is strictly income related, as costs rise, income needs increase and working multiple jobs can make paying bills possible.
  • Gig work paying better—offering temporary or gig work often saves money for employers, making them willing to pay more for short-term employees. Higher paying, short-term gigs exist in businesses as varied as healthcare and IT.
  • Seasonal work—another form of short-term work, some Americans take on extra work during certain seasons, particularly in harvest season or the holiday season, as a way to make some extra money (or help make ends meet during slower times of year).
  • Healthcare and or benefits—similar to making ends meet, some jobs offer better healthcare or benefits, so someone may take that job, while another job “on the side” may even pay more or be more interesting. Balancing jobs then balances needed healthcare or other benefits expenses.
  • The entrepreneurfunding a start-up or entrepreneurial interest is not always easy, and maintaining a second job, if even only part-time, sometimes makes that possible.
  • A “day job—some lines of work do not pay as well, or certainly at least during the “starving artist” period of time. Actors, comedians, writers, photographers, models, musicians, and many other artists do not necessarily make a living wage.  In this case, working multiple jobs may make it possible to pursue your dreams.

For any of these needs, you may choose to work multiple jobs.  For some, it’s simply a matter of making more money in pursuit of a future lifestyle.  While “friends” are idling away, or wasting money on drugs or alcohol, you could instead channel the momentum after rehab into multiple jobs that will eventually provide you with greater success and financial freedom.


So working multiple jobs sounds great…unless not a single one of them feels useful or interesting to you.  It’s possible to work every waking hour and not feel personally fulfilled or be able to make ends meet.  That’s because millions of jobs in America do not pay a living wage.

If work leaves you physically and emotionally exhausted, working long hours with no time for something as simple as a walk in the woods or coffee with a friend, it may be time to call it quits.

In that case…picking up a second job you find more interesting, if only a few hours a week, could lead to more permanent and more rewarding work.

The Verdict

Only you know what feels right for your life: there are as many ways to find purpose and meaning as there are people.  It could be that working multiple jobs after rehab sets you out on a rewarding path, but then again it could be taking an internship, signing up for a class in an interesting subject, joining a service or vocational club, or reading up on an area of interest lead you to the path that is right for you.

Have you found success in life after rehab?  Tell us how! Share your suggestions with others in the comments below.

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