The Surprising Statistics for Addiction Recovery Rates

In America, drug addiction is a common problem, and at some point, many individuals will seek treatment. For some people, the latest addiction recovery rates might be surprising. Treatment for drug addiction can be effective, but it doesn’t always work out the way it should.

The statistics for the effectiveness of drug treatment are similar to statistics for other chronic diseases. The bad news is that recovery rates seem to be showing signs of slowing down. One of the latest reports, published November, 2014, shows a slowing of recovery rates for England.

Before 2014, treatment trends had been moving upwards for years. The statistics for the United States are quite different. In 2009, over 17,000 individuals died from overdosing on illicit substances.

Every day, roughly 114 individuals die from a drug overdose. Another 6,500 will be treated at an emergency room for problems caused by illicit drug use.

Diving Deeper Into the Statistics

During 2012, more people were killed from drug overdoses than by crashes involving motor vehicles. Since 1999, the total number of deaths caused by drug use has risen by 117 percent.

In 2012, there were over 33,000 deaths caused by drug overdoses, and out of this number, roughly 5,400 were caused by suicide.

Some people died by overdosing on a single type of drug while others overdosed and died from mixing several different drugs together. It doesn’t matter how you look at it; America has a serious drug epidemic taking place.

Addiction Recovery Rates

National surveys show that most people who need drug rehab haven’t sought help. Currently, there are roughly 24 million Americans suffering from substance abuse.

Out this number, only 2.6 million have successfully sought and obtained treatment. Recent statistics show that about 10 percent of American adults have been to addiction treatment at least once. The statistics also show that American adults spend more time in rehab than young adults.

Understanding Recovery and Relapse Rates

Individuals who’re given the right treatment have a much better chance at long-term recovery. However, the journey of getting clean and staying sober is a long and rough road. Some statistics show that heroin addicts are likely to relapse anywhere from 8 to 10 times before they’re able to maintain sobriety.

Relapse is described as returning to substance abuse. In many cases, a relapse can occur uncontrollably. It’s also better to describe relapse as a process that occurs regularly. A lapse is the better term for a one-time slide back down the slide of addiction and doesn’t happen more than once.

According to recent studies on addiction recovery rates, anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of addicts will fall back into addiction within a period of two years after treatment. Studies also show that the only true way to beat addiction is to completely stop using the substance.

Individuals who’re able to stay clean for at least five years after treatment have a 50 percent chance of staying sober for many more years. About 33 percent of addicts who stop using drugs or alcohol for less than six months are able to stay sober.

Inpatient addiction treatment can be highly effective. Structure, nutritious meals and 24-hour support are some of the benefits. Many individuals seek inpatient addiction treatment because it has one of the highest addiction recovery rates in the industry.

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One thought on “The Surprising Statistics for Addiction Recovery Rates

  1. These are terrible facts and I had no idea. 114 people die DAILY? Thousands treated in ER daily? This is truly depressing! And I realize it affects me even if it doesn’t on a personal level. It makes me appreaciate people and organizations that are trying to help. I am thankful to Mr Wickstrom for his efforts and hard work!

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