5 Ways to Strengthen a Co-Worker’s Recovery During the Holidays

The Holidays are full of joy, parties, get-togethers, excessive eating and most of the time, excessive drinking. Most staff members in offices will usually throw parties or go out after work. These types of get-togethers can lead to many drinks. If you become aware of one of your fellow co-workers that are in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, you should be considerate of them when in the office. Drug recovery statistics have not been great in America lately. Around twenty-three million people suffer from drugs today, and only three million have successfully gained treatment from a rehabilitation center. Addiction recovery rates also have been low for the USA, and the relapse rates for addiction have been very high. People who go to a rehabilitation center and leave with a success, roughly around forty to sixty percent, fall back into drugs or drinking. Try to help your co-worker conquer their recovery with a little support from your side.

Decrease the alcoholic drinks at the Holiday staff parties.



By not having a lot of drinks at the staff Holiday parties, this can help your recovering co-workers refrain from drinking. This will also help them by not increasing their temptations since none of their fellow staff members–the ones that will have a few drinks–will not be drunk. Ensure there are many other choices of non-alcoholic beverages.

Create a fun activity to do with your fellow staff after hours besides going out for drinks or going to a bad environment.

You can create a fun activity with all your fellow co-workers, such as: going to the movies, go to the bowling alley, watching a live play. This will ensure the group stays away from drinking and the bar scene. By showing staff members in your office there are other fun activities to do, this will keep the environment clean and positive, and not awkward or nervous.

Start a weight loss game over the Holidays.

Create a weight loss game in your office. You can start this with the group before the next Holiday break and end the day everyone gets back to work. This is a great idea to help your friends stay off alcohol before and during the Holiday break.This is a strategy to decrease the temptation to drink due to the weight loss challenge.  This will also give them an excuse to decline any drinks another would suggest they try. This idea will not only help your co-worker’s recovery, but also help them to lose weight.

Go out of your way to invite them to alcohol free activities, or activities in a drug free environment.

You don’t just have to help the recoveries from work through the staff parties or activities, you can also invite them to different places outside of work. Find a cool activity for the both of you, or the group, to share and go do it. This will keep them distracted from any of their addictions, especially in drug free/alcohol free surroundings. Continuing to do these engaging activities will give your co-workers less time to ponder over their bad habits and more time to participate in a group with great things to do that won’t lead into a relapse.

Help co-workers recover by having them choose the office activities they should and should not go to, along with having an established support system.

An easy task for your co-workers in recovery would be to choose the office activities they want to go to in advance. If the company staff want to go out to watch a movie, that’s an activity they should go to. If the staff would rather go out to a bar to get a few drinks, that is an activity that co-worker should not go to. If that coworker is very adamant to go to the social gathering in the bar, he should have an established support group. One or two people should know about the co-worker’s recovery they’re going through. They can help him stay away from the alcohol and choose non-alcoholic beverages. The one or two people can ensure he’s not pressured into drinking an alcoholic drink, or make the best judgement call if things are not going well.

With these five helpful tips listed above, you can assist your fellow staff members through their holiday recovery without too much pressure, but just enough to ensure success. It’ll help them more than you think, and it will give them a better chance of not relapsing.

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