Should your Business be your Purpose?

An entrepreneur is a type of artist; just as an artist may see the finished painting and work toward that vision, a business owner sees a need or a product or a mission and takes the necessary steps to bring that apparition into reality.


For others a business is a means to driving a BMW and vacationing in Abu Dhabi.

So where do you land on this spectrum, and should your business really be your purpose?

Purpose Defined

Your purpose might be said to be your motivation, your reason for doing something. You may have found your purpose when:

• You enjoy talking about it.
• You like to read about it.
• You think about it at odd times, such as in the car or in the shower.
• You can envision yourself creating it.
• You would rather do your “work” than other common free-time activities, such as watching TV or browsing your newsfeed on social media.

When you can’t wait to get home and you leave your work behind you, chances are that work is not your purpose.

Connect With Your Purpose

A purpose is not fixed. You begin with an idea or with the end in mind, but as you move ahead you may find that you redefine your purpose. A vision statement or a clear description of your dream can help. Many a successful entrepreneur can tell you about writing down goals and then reading them morning and night along the way.

It helps to also connect with others who identify with your mission and vision. You may be lucky enough to have a family member or business partner who believes in your purpose. You may be surrounded by naysayers. Whatever your circumstances, when you find a partner or employees who connect with your vision, you have the best chance of longevity and making your goals a reality. Your collective drive can fuel your mission.

Per’s story

Per Wickstrom didn’t look like an entrepreneur. In fact, for more than two decades he looked like an addict. Success isn’t just what we look like, though. Per got clean, and along the way discovered his own purpose for helping others achieve their own goals, be it sobriety, overcoming obstacles, or starting a business.

Whatever your mission, finding your purpose, fulfilling your community’s needs, or creating a needed product, you are the architect of your own future.

Eleanor Roosevelt is credited as saying, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” If you wake up still dreaming, you have found your purpose. Now go build your business accordingly.

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