Attitude & the Success of Your Business

The Role Attitude Plays in the Success of Your Business

In my experience, a positive attitude really does make huge difference when it comes to the workplace. In fact, I would go so far as to say that one’s attitude is even more important than one’s training or background. Moreover, the overall attitude of a workplace is far more key and crucial than the training or background of the employees themselves.

In my youth I worked in a metal factory. This was a classic machine of American industry, and the many cogs and wheels of this factory fascinated me, literally and abstractly. The way this company worked really impressed me. The factory was well outfitted with high tech equipment and a clean work space. It looked like the epitome of what factories should aspire to.

After I worked there a year or two, I noticed the company started to suffer. I worked with machines hands-on while on the factory floor, so it took a while to understand what upper-management was so worried about, but I eventually figured it out. Sure enough, the company was on the verge of collapse. Why ? All of the employees, including myself, were highly experienced and capable individuals. The equipment was up to date and top notch. What was the big deal? Well, it started becoming more and more apparent as I looked around me at my fellow laborers.

Almost everyone at this job was grumpy and difficult to be around. Almost every single employee there seemed to be just totally done with working there. Like it was an effort to get out of bed every morning and come to work. This was the key. Morale and productivity were completely gone, and it was severely and adversely affecting the company.

Positive Attitude in the Workplace

I cannot stress enough the importance of a positive attitude in the workplace. It is crucial to say the least. A positive attitude is the necessary and driving factor behind getting people who are unwilling and uninterested in being team players to come forth and chip in what they can. Instilling a job or any kind of work environment with a positive attitude allows for increased productivity, effective time management and usage, and, perhaps most importantly, a better overall work space and environment.

1. Be sure you really get across the importance of this to your employees, and that your workplace radiates a good atmosphere that is conducive to this. It can be trying for you to have a good attitude in the workplace when the atmosphere in the workplace is quite negative, so this needs to be addressed.

2. Don’t let employees become unhappy, or they will bring others down too. Suggest ways to increase morale to your bosses, and see if they will implement these. This could be something as simple as having lunch catered twice a week or seminars and retreats that include a guest motivational speaker. There are many different ways to increase morale without increasing salaries. Brainstorm cost effective ways to boost morale at your next departmental meeting. The key is to change the tone in the office to a positive and proactive one, as this helps to increase productivity and employee job satisfaction.

3. Finally, don’t be afraid to insist on positivity. You don’t need any Debbie Downers on your crew nor do you need any Negative Nancys. The whole idea is to create a powerful and successful crew of individuals who can go out and reach their targets and get the job done successfully.

High Morale Businesses are More Successful

It is pretty clear that a positive workplace attitude has a lot to do with the success of a business. In fact, when one looks at the most successful companies in America, it often becomes obvious that they are also the companies that have the happiest and highest morale employees. For example, the top companies with the happiest workforces are:

1. Facebook

2. Southwest Airlines

3. Bain & Company

4. General Mills

5. Edelman

6. Boston Consulting

7. SAS Institute

8. Slalom Consulting


10. Susquehanna International Group

11. CareerBuilder


13. QuikTrip

14. Shutterfly

15. NetApp

16. Trader Joe’s

17. Goldman Sachs

18. McKinsey & Company

19. National Instruments

20. Apple

These are also twenty of some of the most successful companies in America. Surely, high morale and high positivity in the workforce really is good for business.

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