The Most Common Issues that People Battle During Rehabilitation

The Battles of the Body, Honesty, and Sunshine Friends

The Battle of the Body

In rehabilitation, the first thing that an individual must battle is the physical addiction aspect. An addict has worn their body out from using substances so much that they become more prevalent than anything else in their life. The body becomes penalized, because they are not using vitamins, minerals or amino acids, and the body is not producing dopamine or endorphins. The body is being depleted of many of these things and the individual does not feel good. In order to feel better, the drug addict will begin to do more of the drug than they should be doing. This is what makes them temporarily feel better, because doing the drug takes the pain away.

The most common issues that people battle during rehabilitation

What are the most common issues that people battle during rehabilitation?

The first thing we do in rehabilitation is physical fitness, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and proper nutrition. These are the biggest steps in starting the body on the road to recovery, but most people in rehab do not know that. Most people going through rehab just eat whatever, they do not exercise, and they just expect their body to just magically start producing the chemicals that make them feel good naturally. This is why proper care of the body is the most important step in preparing the individual for recovery.

The Battle of Honesty

The second most common issue is honesty. Becoming honest, becoming trustworthy, and getting straight with yourself and your loved ones is a tough thing to do when you have relied on a substance to not confront those issues. In not confronting those issues, when you go into rehab you do not want to confront them. It does not just automatically change that you are all of a sudden going to start confronting everything and having a visual aspect of life totally 100% honest and clean. When we talk about rehab and the toughness of it, we talk about being able to confront. When you confront, you face something and it is usually in a challenging or defiant way. You want to be able to confront without avoiding the pain, and be able to see what it is that you are confronting before or after you confront it. You want to be able to look at the situation for what it is. If you lied to your mom, stole money from your dad, lied to your boss, these situations must be rectified and they must be confronted. A person must call on the phone or go in person to talk to those they did wrong while an addict.

It is important to get honest and straight about these situations, because going to rehab is tough. You are going to have to get honest and straight if you ever expect anything to come positively out of rehabilitation. What is tough? Trust me; it is tough doing that in regular life, not just in rehab. We want to be consistent on all the points that we have and why we are doing what we are doing, and consistency is total honesty with our family and loved ones. That is probably the other tough thing about going to rehab, because it is an issue that individuals look at, but do not want to see. Sometimes you have a situation that you have to look at, but you really do not want to view it. The guys and girls that go to rehab have that same issue.

The Battle of the “Sunshine Friends”

Last but not least, is the issue of “Sunshine Friends.” You have friends in the drug industry and the bar industry, that in the rehabilitation industry we like to call “Sunshine Friends.” When the sun is shining and you have the cocaine, the weed, or the alcohol, you are important. When you run out of the drugs or alcohol, those friends go away. When you get in trouble and need help, those friends are not there. That is why we call them “Sunshine Friends.” When the sun sets or it gets a little cloudy in your life, the only people that are going to be around you are those who truly love you. Those in treatment have to confront these issues and decide what they are going to do when they get out of treatment. It should be confronted right away going into treatment. We actually do it the first 48 hours; we call it Aftercare. This provides clients with the ability to find and establish workable peers, friends, or business associates that have the same goals as them.

You have to change what is going on in your life and you have to change those people that you once called “friends.” You have to establish a new set of friends, different from those who you thought were your friends. That is a very tough thing to do in life, because these might have been your friends for 5 or 10 years. These may have been the people you trusted and thought were your true friends, but let me repeat this, they are your “Sunshine Friends.” When the sun goes down, the people that stay around you are your family and your loved ones. That is a fact.

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