Why is Educating Kids About Drug Awareness so Important?

Educating Kids About Drug Awareness

Why is Educating Kids About Drug Awareness so Important?

When you talk about education, basically you look at the defining moment of what education is. Education about drug awareness is basically collecting all the vast amount of educational material on the subject, compiling this educational material into studies, courses, and books. Firstly, we look at how to study about drugs and what to study about drugs. Once you have that information, it is what do we teach the kids? How do you teach the kids a workable system that makes them aware of what drugs do to the individual? When you look at what drugs do to the individual and awareness, until you know exactly what they are doing to the body, spirit of the individual, and of course to the person, you are not going to have anything that matches awareness. What we want to do is have a workable educational system that teaches the basis of those technologies, that they are enumerated, presented, and exported in such a way that they go straight into the young person’s mind.

Educating the Kids on the Dangers of Legal Drugs

Now we are faced with the legalities in states of marijuana for 21 years or older, but what kind of a message does that give our youth? It gives our youth the message that it is okay to use drugs. Look at alcohol in society. What are we educating the awareness of alcohol usage in our society with our kids? We are teaching our kids that alcohol is basically safe and okay to drink because it is legal in all states. Now, it is not legal if you are under 21 years of age, but does that really make a difference in awareness? Does that make a difference in a 15 year old looking at their parents drinking and deciding that it is alright for them to do themselves? When you are taking those laws, they go great for a law, but they are opening the door on a kid’s education on drugs. We are educating the kids the wrong way. We are saying it is okay to need a substance to deal with life. The first thing in awareness is using a subject that says look at what alcohol does to people. Has taking a drink ever furthered a college career? Has taking a drink ever helped a person make more money? Has taking a drink helped a relationship? That awareness should be portrayed to the youth of today. Those things do not necessarily help you, they more or less hinder you.

How Drugs Hinder You

In a scenario where you have two kids with good grades and great scores on their college entrance exams trying to go to college, but one of the kids was busted at 17 for minor possession. Now, that’s not a really big crime with a heavy punishment, but what about how the board of entry looks at that when they are rating two people to get a scholarship? Most people are not aware of that, but the individual with the drug charge is most likely not going to get the “golden star.” It is going to be the student that has not had the problem. If we look at a sports athlete and the athlete is going to be drafted by the NFL, well, someone who has had a drug or alcohol charge on their record, they are going to go lower on the draft. Is not our society about excelling and about winning? Being aware of those subjects, the kids can know the value of what they do in their high school and college years for their future of getting jobs, starting families, getting permits to operate airplanes or machinery, and anything like that where they look at certain areas when they rate an individual.


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