Starting Over After Losing a Job

It’s all right to feel hurt, weak, or angry after losing a job; these emotions are normal. Don’t lose hope; there are many things you can do to take control of the situation. Losing your job hurts, especially if you closely identify yourself by what you do for a living. It can have an overwhelming effect on your emotional wellbeing. Take this loss as a chance to start afresh with your career goals and reconsider what you really want to do in life that makes you happy.

Accept the Situation

Relax first; take a rest from everything. It’s important not to do anything today that you might regret later. Try to resist the urge to burn any bridges. It’s important not to do anything today that you might regret later. Try to accept the situation calmly; this will let you make better decisions later. Deal with your feelings and find better ways to feel sad. Recognizing your feelings and defying your insolent thoughts will help you deal with losing your job and move on. The sooner you can accept the situation, the sooner you can get on with your life.

Beware of these drawbacks:

  • Venting your anger
  • Having self-pity
  • Criticizing yourself
  • Putting yourself down
  • Beating yourself up
  • Drinking or doing drugs

All these will only make you feel worse. But it’s very important to avoid putting yourself down. You will need a lot of self-confidence intact while you are looking for a new job. Don’t isolate yourself. Surround yourself with positive, supportive family and friends who will give you motivation and inspiration to help build back your self-esteem. Erase the negative thoughts in your mind. Use this free time to start contemplating on what you want out of life and rethink your career plans. Who knows, maybe you will find something of value.

First Things First

The most urgent issue is finding how to provide for yourself and your family until you find a new job. Get your paperwork in order, go and file a claim with your state unemployment insurance agency. The extra cash could help tide you over if it takes longer to find a new source of income. Start updating your resume; include more attractive points that are missing.

Get Yourself Ready to Move On

This is a good time to update your skills and make yourself more marketable. Consider the good effects of this situation. Think of possible changes — changing careers or industries, learning new skills, starting a business or perhaps consider relocating. Look forward to the future; you can never tell what this turn of events has to offer.

Remember that a lot of people have experienced losing a job but they pick themselves up, learn from the experience and try again. When damaging things happen like this job loss, think of it as an opportunity to grow stronger and a chance to focus on a new direction in life.

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