The Worst Drug Problems in America

drug problems

While tragedies such as shootings and automobile accidents often make headlines, the leading cause of accidental death in the United States gets less coverage: accidental overdose. More Americans are dying from drug overdoses than ever before, having doubled in the past 14 years. Another fact that may surprise you: more than half of those deaths

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Could Micromanaging Increase Relapse Risk in Recovering Employees?

Micromanaging and Relapse Risk

Most addicts in recovery are able to find employment, fortunately for them!  Recovery, especially initially, takes active self-care and intentional self-management and the tools to do such are taught during rehabilitation programs.  During rehab, effective tools for the workplace, in general, are taught, which can make an addict in recovery an excellent employee. Yet sometimes

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Why Transitional Jobs Can Help Addicts Get Back to Work After Rehab

Transitional Jobs

Finding work after rehab isn’t always easy, but meaningful work can be important for recovery.  Here’s a 3-step formula for transitional employment, to get back to work after rehab. Transitional Defined Transitional jobs are defined as, “Time-limited subsidized work experiences that help individuals who are chronically unemployed and have barriers to employment establish a work

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