How Employers Can be the Lifeline for Addicted Employees

Employers and Employees

An estimated 14.8 million Americans who are employed are addicted to drugs or alcohol.  That’s good news!  How so? Because those are the employed addicts, and with a team effort they can beat addiction while maintaining employment. While that means 70% of addicts are employed, addiction can lead to workplace difficulties, including: Tardiness Absenteeism Sleeping

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Employee Assistance Programs: Can They Combat Addiction

Employee Assistance Programs

There are two strongly opposing views out there when it comes to assisting personnel with “personal problems.”  One school of thought says that stress, upsets, emotional challenges or other difficulties have no place in the workplace.  The other rightfully recognizes the contributions of the working environment (both in creating that stress in the first place

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How Recovering Addicts Can Deal with the Emotional Struggles of Entrepreneurship


The entrepreneurial type, if there is a “type,” are driven by the ideas of success: being your own boss, sharing an important message or product, or even just dreaming big and bringing those dreams into reality. All of those things are possible, but that doesn’t mean that entrepreneurship doesn’t also come with certain emotional struggles.

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How Addicts Can Become More Productive at Work Without Compromising Sobriety

Happy at work

What’s the secret to being more productive at work?  Hint: it’s not longer working hours.  What’s the trick to working without compromising sobriety: Hint: it’s not substituting one addiction for another. It is possible to work and stay productive at work, yet still meet the demands of a treatment schedule and maintain the healthy attitudes

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