Tips for Active Men to Stay Healthy

Living an active lifestyle has major health benefits. Exercise helps control weight, increases muscle strength and joint flexibility, reduces stress, and improves mental outlook. Putting all those things together feels like winning the lottery. Only sometimes life intercedes. Coming home from work tired, dealing with financial or relationship problems, can zap your energy and motivation.

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Although many companies are trying their best to take away health benefits from their employees, there are a few companies who are actually offering more healthy choices.

The huge twist in these findings is that companies that spend money on the health of their employees actually end up saving more money on health costs than the businesses who actively try to reduce benefits! Companies that invest in their employees are also seeing a rise in productivity over their competitors. Here are just a few of the healthy benefits that are being offered in top companies such as Google, Apple and KPMG.

Employees Offered Alternatives to Donut Shop Coffee in the Mornings

Although there is no definitive negative link between morning coffee caffeine and the health of the average working man, many companies are finding it quite profitable to offer a more natural approach to getting the blood flowing in the mornings. In some companies that are experiencing huge spikes in productivity, yoga classes are offered in the mornings. Other companies without the space to do this are investing in gym memberships for their employees. The bottom line is that exercise, especially when backed by a working environment, seems to raise the morale as well as the health of the office as a whole.

Some companies are also offering snacks in the office so that employees not have to rely on vending machines in order to keep their blood sugar high during the day. The snacks that are offered are usually more healthy and natural, including raw fruits and vegetables. Other choices such as yogurt and granola bars are quite popular around startups in San Francisco. Many companies are also completely banning vending machines from their buildings unless they are filled with healthy snacks.

Companies are Now Allowing Employees to Work in a Much More Natural Way

The bonus of the human body is to work in short spurts, not at a consistent pace for eight hours at a time. Many employers are taking this to heart and allowing their employees to create their own flexible scheduling. This raises the productivity in almost every office that uses it, because people do not feel as though they have to fake work sitting at their desks doing absolutely nothing. Everyone is given a quota, and as long as that quota is met, the length of time that is spent doing it does not matter. In the most progressive cases, some workers are not even required to come into the office!

This new invective of the virtual office is not only helping employees to become more productive, but it is helping employers to save money as well. Offices that are completely virtual, such as Lloyd and Patterson in San Diego, completely forgo the huge expense of maintaining an office and the depreciation, human resources and health costs that go along with it. The money that they save goes directly back into creating a more effective work environment for their employees, all of whom are incredibly happy.