2015 Alumni Picnic at A Forever Recovery

Pamela Anderson, Executive Director at A Forever Recovery talks about our 7th annual reunion picnic.  Since opening in August 2008, we have provided this opportunity for former patients to participate in an open mic forum where they can talk about being an inpatient at our facility and  going on to enjoy a sober lifestyle.  Some of them have been coming back to the reunions for years and are proud to share their news of having gotten married, had children, or bought a new home. This is an uplifting experience for current patients when they can witness, first hand, how A Forever Recovery helps people reclaim their lives.

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3 thoughts on “2015 Alumni Picnic at A Forever Recovery

  1. This sounds like a wonderful way to let former patients share their success story with current patients. This could go a long way in helping them realize that they, too, can succeed.

  2. Having the Reunion is a very awesome thing to do for everyone. It really shows that everyone there at the Rehab cares what happens to the former patients when they get out, and even years later. Great Job!!!!

  3. As an alcoholic I appreciate the work done by your fine organization. Still going to meetings and a graduate of Wilmington Treatment Center I walk the walk now instead of just talking the talk. Every day is a struggle but well worth the award of sobriety.

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