A Forever Recovery – Walk Like M.A.D.D.

This year, we were proud to participate in the Grand Rapids “Walk Like MADD” event.  Participants donated their time by signing up as walkers, team captains, volunteers, virtual walkers, or by making a donation to another walker or team. Thousands of people from over 60 cities across the US participated in this 5k event in their area to help eliminate drunk driving on our nations roadways.

More Information on the Grand Rapids Walk Like MADD can be found here:


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4 thoughts on “A Forever Recovery – Walk Like M.A.D.D.

  1. What a great event !!!! You all do so much to benefit this community and bring awareness to causes such as this. Good work !!!!!

  2. It is uplifting to see the level of support given to this organization. Anything we can do to save innocent lives is time well spent.

  3. Without volunteers, fewer worthwhile things would get done in this world. Kudos for participating in the 5K — good mental and physical health in one package!

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