Taste of Nashville

In an endeavor to remain an effective authority in the battle against addiction, Best Drug Rehabilitation often seeks out opportunities to spread awareness of the issues surrounding substance abuse. They help provide options for those struggling with drugs or alcohol by engaging in discussion with others to reexamine the problems of addiction that face our society and the potential solutions. They focus on ways that they might be better able to combat this dangerous epidemic that has swept through our nation.

BDR found a recent opportunity to do just that in their sponsorship of the Taste of Nashville Tour. At one particular show, they were able to speak with some of the performers backstage, asking them to share their views on substance abuse and overcoming it.

One of those rising country stars was Brianna Lauren. We asked her how we, as a society, can help prevent drug addiction. “I know some people who that are struggling with it or are tempted by it,” she shared with us. “I think they need something to occupy them. One thing I was not very happy with is that they started take the arts out of schools. Finding a way that people can pursue their passions more, keep them from getting distracted and going down the wrong path.” She is probably more right than she knows. At BDR, many of our patients are extremely talented musicians, artists, athletes, and writers who simply did not have an appropriate outlet for their passions, finding false comfort in alcohol and drugs instead.

Another performer that spent a little time with us that day was Richie Fields. We asked him the same question as Brianna: “How can we help prevent drug addiction?” “You have to try to intervene and see if you can help,” he offered, “and be understanding about it, not just condemn them. They need the support of their parents, their family, their friends. The more we try to educate our children, talk to them, and keep the lines of communication open; that’s the biggest things that I know to help.” He truly hit the nail on the head- the most effective weapon we have in the fight against drugs and alcohol is teaching our teens and young adults about the dangers of substance abuse. At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we are committed to doing all that we can to help in this battle.

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7 thoughts on “Taste of Nashville

  1. This is a wonderful way to bring awareness about the rampant addiction problems in our nation today. Addicts need support and compassion, not judgment and scorn. They didn’t simply decide one day to become an addict. Their bad choices resulted in a life altering addiction that requires professional attention to overcome.

  2. I think this is an outstanding way to promote the right message. I do know a few people that have had substance abuse and it is not pretty. It is great to see a fun way to keep people from continuing to use. It is great fun for everyone else as well!

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