Things Extremely Successful Entrepreneurs Do and Don’t Do

While anyone can be an entrepreneur, only certain people are highly successful at it. This is because there are certain habits that separate the mediocre from the exceptional entrepreneurs. Here are four habits that every successful entrepreneur should develop and maintain.

Risk Taking and Ambition

According to Forbes, risk taking is the number one characteristic of a successful entrepreneur. This is because dreamers must also be organized doers. Before they even begin their enterprise, entrepreneurs must be willing to abandon a regular paycheck, set schedule and job security. They must be prepared to invest personal money and time into marketing and business predictions. In order to accomplish all of this, entrepreneurs must also be ambitious. From a young age, successful entrepreneurs are relentlessly driven to succeed at home, school and work. On the other hand, entrepreneurs are generally not timid or over-sensitive to criticism.


Entrepreneurs must have excellent time-management skills. This requires that the person can continually adjust their schedule, re-prioritize tasks, meet deadlines and multi-task at the same time. However, this is very challenging. Therefore, successful entrepreneurs use the right tools to help them. For example, they rely on both traditional methods, such as a day planner, and newer methods, such as useful production apps, that keep them on track. They are also careful planners who spend every night scheduling their next day’s tasks while reflecting about what they could have done better. Entrepreneurs avoid procrastinating and rushing from one task to another without having an overall plan.

Creativity for Innovative Solutions

Entrepreneurial products and services need to be creative and meet a market need. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously co-wrote the “Think Different” manifesto that challenged people to think differently and change the world. Successful entrepreneurs imitate Jobs’ passion for simplistic creativity through applying their intuitive ideas to meet niche market needs. Entrepreneurs should continually challenge industry trends and standards through innovative solutions with proven, in-demand benefits. Entrepreneurs do dream, but they do not borrow creative ideas from others.

Being Sociable Cultivates Important Relationships

Successful entrepreneurs tend to have an outgoing personality. They achieve success through their superior interpersonal and communication skills. In order to accomplish this, they make a habit of always actively listening, empathizing with others and being patient. They also tend to present proper body language and maintain an enthusiastic, optimistic attitude. All of this takes a lot of energy and dedication to continually communicate, motivate and cooperate with others. While entrepreneurs are friendly and assertive, they do not micromanage or downplay the importance of cultivating relationships.

To sum up, entrepreneurs are ambitious professionals that are willing to take both personal and employment risks. Their superior time-management habits allow them to control chaos and thrive under pressure. They also push the limits through their creativity and intuitiveness. Finally, they are sociable and make a habit of maintaining positive, quality communication with others.

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  1. This is a good article for helping people understand that they can succeed in business if they have the right attitude and the desire to succeed.

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