Why Today’s Unicorns Are Falling Short

In Silicon Valley, failing is succeeding. A study revealed that you can have 1,000 startups and only 12 will turn into enormous, profitable companies. It’s also true that startup costs are diminishing, according to another study.

Trump and State Governors Have Declared a State of Emergency on Opiod Abuse

The United States’ war on drugs has taken a dramatic turn for the worse as Americans continue to become addicted to opioids at alarming rates. Despite billions of dollars poured into drug enforcement and policy efforts every year, the abuse of legal opioids such as prescription painkillers, and illegal ones such as heroin, has reached a crisis point.

Q&A with Per Wickstrom on The War between Pharma Stock and Holistic Solutions

In recent years there has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the large pharmaceutical companies and their push to get consumers to take the medications they manufacture and sell for, oftentimes, exorbitant prices. However, in recent news, this issue was brought into the spotlight when Turing Pharmaceuticals AG bought the rights in the United States to an anti-parasitic drug called Daraprim.

Q&A with Per Wickstrom on The War between Pharma Stock and Holistic Solutions

From Addict to Entrepreneur: How I Overcame My Greatest Obstacle

The news is filled with stories about young tech entrepreneurs that make millions from selling their Internet technology to the big tech giants. Though these stories are inspirational, they portray an image of success that few people can actually relate to.

Success Comes From Solving Real Problems, Not Chasing Unicorn Fantasies

Entrepreneurship has always been one of the great American dreams. For many people it’s about taking an idea and molding it into a business that sets you up for life. This, of course, isn’t in the cards for the vast majority of people who start small businesses.

Per Wickstrom Interviews TV and Film Star Carolyn Hennesy About Substance Abuse and Treatment

In a continuing effort to remain a leading provider of holistic treatment for substance absue, Per Wickstrom, the founder of Choices Recovery in South Bend, IN, sponsored Durkin Entertainment’s EcoLuxe Lounge and the “Salute to the Oscars” celebration held on February 21st, 2015, in the Stardust Penthouse on the top floor of the luxurious Beverly Hilton Hotel.