What are the Worst and Best Parts of Working in the Rehab Industry?

The Worst Part of Working in the Rehab Industry

The worst part of rehab is when one does not make it, because it happens. I do not know why, but people take more drugs while they are trying to go through rehab and it happens. It’s an incomprehensible situation for me to actually look at when somebody who is trying to get better overdoses on drugs, but that is the reality of what we do. And when we lose someone, I’ll tell you what, it’s tough and it’s hard to see someone not make it. It’s not a bad program, bad policy, or bad leadership. It happens. It is somebody that does not want to get help. It is somebody that does not give it 100%. It is somebody that makes a mistake. I do not want to blame somebody for something that happened with drugs. I do not want to say that they were wrong; I simply want to indicate that it is the worst thing for someone who works in rehab to see a failure.

Per Wickstrom's Worst and Best Parts of Working in the Rehab Industry

The Worst and Best Parts of Working in the Rehab Industry

Failures are the worst, especially when it comes to a person’s life. But, we all must realize that every outcome in anything in life is not always good. We strive for the best outcome for each and every client. We give 100% to help them, but we have to face the fact that we cannot save every person These failures affect us in the rehab industry, just as much as the individual’s loved ones. You have to take responsibilities for certain actions, but you cannot control everything.

The Best Part of Working in the Rehab Industry

The best part is success. In the rehabilitation industry, you work diligently with medical teams, with counselors, and with hospitals. You work really hard with these people to produce a product, and the product is a person who is a valuable member of society that is contributing to the betterment of society. That is what the greatest result and the greatest happiness in rehab is all about. Seeing that person who is a valuable member of society go out there and do great things. Seeing that person go back to their family and recover that love that was once lost. To sit down with their loved ones and have a one-on-one conversation where the parent believes everything that their son or daughter is saying. Anyone who has ever been through rehab knows what an accomplishment that is. To regain the love and trust of family members is sometimes the hardest part for a recovering addict. Honesty and trustworthiness are both things that an addict has not been when entering rehab and something that is worked diligently on while in the facility.

When a parent comes up and gives me a hug when we have been successful and somebody makes it—– That is truly the best part!

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