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Any business is prone to static growth phase in its life cycle. Despite the fact that each business enterprise may have unique reasons that contribute to such stagnation, the situation results in frustration in almost all business owners. Irrespective of the business industry, the business revenue level and the length of the period the business growth has been stuck, there are various things the owner can incorporate in the business to avoid being overtaken by competitors and eventual complete failure. This article explores some of the practical tips the business owner can apply to take his business off the plateau and hit a growth trajectory. They include encouraging collaboration among employees, learning from failure, cultivating creativity among employees, enhancing customer experience and advertising the business continuously.

Encouraging Employee Collaboration

Just like the body organs which have different functions but work towards achieving a common goal of providing life to a human being, each employee of a business organization spanning from that at a managerial level to the subordinate staff act as a crucial cog in the achievement of the business goals. If employees of one department in the business fail to cooperate with those of another department, chances that the business may not grow are high. For instance, if the production department does to produce goods according to the quantity that the sales department wants, the latter may fail to meet the market demand. This scenario makes the business lose its customers as potential clients may be forced to look for the same goods elsewhere. Much as business employees may be collaborative by default, it is advisable to optimize the collaboration. One way to do this is to undertake regular employee placement reshuffle to ensure that they complement each other in various departments. First, the business owner should learn the weaknesses and strengths of each employee. In case a certain group of the employees contain members with similar characteristics, it is advisable to move some of them to other groups to ensure that the weaknesses of others in one group are compensated by the strengths of others. Proper team work spirit enhances creativity, agility, efficiency and productivity in the business.

Learning from Failure

Failure is inevitable in the business world because of the simple reason that no man is perfect; hence business owners are liable to make mistakes. Accepting failure may just be the difference between a static business and a business that grows. A business owner should not get discouraged when he fails. Instead, he should learn from failure and try as much as possible to avoid mistakes that led to his failure so that he does not fail again because of the same mistakes. For instance, if the business owner failed to advertise his business during the previous financial year because of the assumption that the business was already established in the market and this eventually led to low sales turnover, he can learn that advertisement is a continuous process and never should he ignore it again.

Cultivating the Spirit of Creativity Among Employees

Innovation is a key pillar to the success of any business because it enables the business to cope with inevitable changes in the market, leading to the survival of the business. Such changes may include increased competition, increased demand and changes in customer preferences. A simple way to instill creativity culture is to recruit employees from different backgrounds and experiences. Such employees possess creative ideas that can catapult the business into growth. Training employees to ensure that they update their skills and stay up to date with current trends in the business world also contributes to creativity. Giving employees an opportunity to contribute important ideas that can help the business grow also helps. One way to tap their ideas is to open a forum, which allows them to give their ideas and opinions on what they think should be done to improve the business.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Customer experience simply means how a business treats its customers. This creates the difference between one business and others because products and services may be similar. When customers feel that a certain business exceeds their expectations based on how they are treated, they always have a reason to come back; this enables the business to increase its sales and eventual growth. Additionally, since customers are one of the best marketers, they can also refer other potential customers to a business that guarantees exceptional customer experience. This helps the business to expand its client base. One factor that contributes to exceptional customer experience is employee engagement. As a business owner, it is advisable to encourage employees to interact with customers in a polite, courteous and caring way.

Increasing Your Business Market Thru Advertising

Increasing client base is the backbone of business growth. The mistake many established businesses make is to assume that they have enough market and therefore they don’t need more market. Advertisement helps to increase the business market because it is a means through which new potential customers get to hear about the business. Getting new customers through continuous advertisement does not only increase the business client base, but also ensures that customers who quit are replaced immediately.

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