5 Jobs that Promote a Sober Lifestyle

Job After Rehab

Getting a job after rehab can be an important aspect of recovery.  After all, idol hands are the devil’s playground, as the proverb states.  But not all jobs are created equal; finding work that promotes a sober lifestyle can start you down a career of success in every sense of the word.

Here are five jobs that promote the long-term success of your sober lifestyle.

One Which Keeps You Busy

Some working environments are too slow-paced to keep you engaged.  You also have to decide what “busy” means for you.  There are three main categories:

  1. Busy doing something but seated. For some, a toll-booth operator, with its constant flow of traffic, would be an ideal way to spend the hours and make a living. Many office jobs are similar—you are busy with work but physically unstrained.
  2. Busy with physical work. For others, greater physical activity is more rewarding, such as working on a construction site. Healthcare can be a similar setting—on your feet and moving around all day.
  3. Busy with mental work. Work that is rewarding for some, involves being mentally engaged and “busy” in that sense. Customer service, sales, nursing and other jobs that require you to problem solve might be the solution.

One Which Keeps Stress Low

High activity doesn’t have to mean high-stress.  In fact, stability in your working environment, a predictable schedule and job expectations, and a lower-stress environment often better promote a sober lifestyle.  Work which leaves you feeling exhausted may inhibit recovery.

Also, avoid the stress of difficult people to work with or drugs or alcohol in the environment.  If you overcame a problem with alcohol, a bar is not the best place to work.  Similarly, those in recovery from drug addiction should probably not work in a pharmacy, vet’s office or hospital.  Avoid the problems and the stressors to promote your sober lifestyle.

One With Growth Potential

Temporary or transitional work or entry-level employment may be the best places to start your career, particularly a new career, but ideally, such employment opportunities also come with long-term potential.  A job which is temp-to-perm, a contract that could be extended, or an environment where you can expand, cross-train, or take on additional responsibilities, are all great things to look for.

The chance to grow can promote your sober living.

One Where Your Past is a Plus

As you likely experienced, some of the best counselors, advisors, and employees in a rehab are former addicts themselves.  Peer coaches understand your history and your story.

But you don’t have to work directly in a rehab to have a job where your past is a plus: anywhere that understands the strength involved in overcoming obstacles may be your ideal sober living job.

One With Purpose and Meaning

People who look forward to going to work every day are generally driven by the mission of their working environment.  The most passionate teachers care about the future of education.  The best engineers want to improve some aspect of life.

Whatever gives you purpose, and an environment with a mission you can get behind can give you meaning in your day-to-day sobriety.

Career Assistance Programs

This list of jobs can serve as a starting point.  Identify how you fit each of these points, and then consider working with a career advisor or an online tool.  Your ideal job, which will support and promote your sober lifestyle, is just around the corner.  It may require a relocation or a new vocation, but it’ll mean your satisfaction.

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